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‘It has been such a relief to sort out our Wills and everything else that came with it. We had put it off for too long and now, with it behind us, we feel much more relaxed. Thank you’.

‘We had no idea that there was so much to consider. We could not have done it without your help and the thoughtful way you took us through what we had to decide.  By the way, my friend who you met wants you get in touch’.

Any of us could die tomorrow or sooner. And if we did, what would happen to our loved ones? Having worked so hard to provide for them, it would be a double tragedy if they were to inherit less than their due.

Effective Estate Planning ensures clarity about what you want to happen after your death and for whom.
It helps preserve your wealth and minimise its exposure to third party threats.

Look around you. How much are you worth - your house, possessions, savings, investments, your business - everything you own? Make sure it goes to those you want and not to the taxman and those you would prefer not to have it.

Estate Planning puts you in control, minimises your estate's exposure to several threats, preserves your assets and gives you peace of mind.

A Will is crucial. It gives effect to your planning.
If you die intestate – without a Will - your spouse or Civil Partner won’t automatically inherit all you’ve worked so hard for, your children could be at risk and an unmarried partner would inherit nothing.

Is your Will up-to-date?
Your circumstances are constantly changing and the changes should be reflected in your Will. Frankly, an out-of-date Will or a DIY can be worse than no Will at all and they should be reviewed every five years.

And at any age - what if you loose your mental capacity?
Who will manage your affairs and make decisions for you? Those you trust and have your best interests at heart or a Court official? Don’t leave it to chance – put yourself in control while you can.

This is your life. So talk to the right specialist adviser.

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